Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You say its your birthday

Today is my sister Amanda's birthday! She is twenty seven, woo hoo! As you can see from her blog she is very sarcastic and loves to make fun.  But what her blog may not tell you is that she has a huge heart. Amanda has always been called loud and that she can be, but loud is what makes all of her good qualities SHOUT. For example she is loud when we see her....I love how she is so excited to see my kids and that my kids are so excited to see her.  
She and I have spent many a day talking on the phone when I lived out of state. I always enjoyed yacking it up with her. Growing up she was a great playmate and we were always buddies on our family vacations. I am three years older than she is but she has always been tall. Out of all my siblings we look the most alike. Although she grew taller than me when she was like seven! I love you Manda and Happy Birthday! May this year be the best yet!   

Today is extra special because my son Hayden is six, yes they share the same b-day! 


Amanda the Couch said...

oh my gosh you are so good to me!!!!!! holy cow how cute is tatum, that picture?? that is so cute of her. thank you thank you for all of your wonderful wishes. Yes today is also super special to me because SIX (gulp) years ago the world was given the funniest, most creative most darling little boy ! i am so honored to be able to share such an awesome day with such an amazing little boy!!!!!!!

PS thanks for thinking i was younger but, i'm acatually 28 (double gulp)instead of 27 :(

emily Redd said...

oh, I'm jealous...I wish I had a sister. Sounds like you guys have an awesome relationship.

Josh and Kelsey said...

oh my gosh, I thought this was a pic of you but I was like, no could be twins! I bet you were a nice sister and gave her your ID =)

MissLed said...

Happy Birthday Amanda and Hayden!!!