Sunday, September 9, 2007

Seven Years Ago Today

Seven years ago Tate and I took the plunge and married one another. Tate was 27 and I was only 23! We dated for two years and then started the next chapter of our lives as a married couple.

Here is a recap on each year we've been married.....

One: colorado, first pregnancy, new friends

Two: new baby, wyoming and then back to colorado

Three: new parents, new jobs and learning to get through hard stuff

Four: back to utah, back to work, and back to my parents house

Five: work, hard work, and more work

Six: new house, new baby, and new goals

Seven: already looks good

Reasons why I will always love Tate:

  • he's my rock, my confidant and best friend

  • he's so manly, hot, know beautiful

  • he is the best daddy...our kids just love him

  • he always makes me feel pretty

  • he will work out of town for us

  • the fact that he wants more kids

  • he cooks for me

  • he can fix anything

  • he will dance with me

  • we seem to grow even closer year after year

Happy Anniversary Tate!