Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live United

While moving out of one space to another at work we came across a very LARGE t-shirt. The new tag line for United Way is "Live United" and these two have embraced its true meaning. I love the people I work with!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Student of the Day

On January 23 we were invited to Hayden's School for his Spotlight Presentation. The class sang to him as he stood in the middle of the rug. Then we were able to answer some questions about him. Here are some of those questions:

What are your favorite things? cherries, raspberries and soda pop

What is your favorite animal? sharks, snakes and bugs

What are you best at? Math!

What makes Hayden special? he is always so happy to play with friends and loves to play with his little sister.

To top it all off Hayden was Student of the Day! This means he is the line leader and gets to help the teachers with any special assignments. (He loves being Student of the Day.) I am so glad we put him in this school he loves to get there early so he has more time to play before the school hours start. He even wants to stay for craft every day and craft is done after 4:30 pm everday! He loves to be at school and for that it makes me feel like I am "Mother of the Day"!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You say its your birthday

Today is my sister Amanda's birthday! She is twenty seven, woo hoo! As you can see from her blog she is very sarcastic and loves to make fun.  But what her blog may not tell you is that she has a huge heart. Amanda has always been called loud and that she can be, but loud is what makes all of her good qualities SHOUT. For example she is loud when we see her....I love how she is so excited to see my kids and that my kids are so excited to see her.  
She and I have spent many a day talking on the phone when I lived out of state. I always enjoyed yacking it up with her. Growing up she was a great playmate and we were always buddies on our family vacations. I am three years older than she is but she has always been tall. Out of all my siblings we look the most alike. Although she grew taller than me when she was like seven! I love you Manda and Happy Birthday! May this year be the best yet!   

Today is extra special because my son Hayden is six, yes they share the same b-day! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a pretty good week......

it has been so great to have tate home all week! he has taken on his daddy role and just let me take a break. i honestly can't remember the last time he has been home for an entire week. he travels so much when he comes home he really tries to help out. i haven't had to take the kids to school and daycare or even make hayden's lunch. i just wake up and only have to worry about myself. it has been nice, but really weird at the same time. i almost feel like i'm forgetting something everyday i leave the house. on top of it all tate has put in a new microwave, kitchen light and built a wall in the basement for a guestroom and he was on snow blow duty for the big storm we just had!
this past weekend we took my sister emily and her husband miles to the utah vs. byu game and watched the utes loose! then we went and saw "i am legend" with will smith. it is scary but good. (take someone you can hold to.) then we topped off the night with some good eats at the porcupine. yummy ,yummy. miles used to work there so we had the royal treatment.


  • going to bed with someone

  • waking up with someone

  • lunch dates

  • having tate home to see the cute little things tatum will do

  • dancing in the kitchen

  • watching movies

  • hayden's bball game

  • relaxing at home

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ok Ok Ok.....So its been a month!

What have I been up to you ask? Well the holidays were busy of course. I hosted a small party with my college friends you can see some pics here at my friend Natalie's blog. We had all the fabulous family parties as usual and then we traveled down to Vegas again for he New Year. Work is still very busy. 

oh and i went to see Juno with some lady friends and it is a must see! very funny. 

Hayden and The Hoover Dam

He liked it.