Monday, January 28, 2008

Student of the Day

On January 23 we were invited to Hayden's School for his Spotlight Presentation. The class sang to him as he stood in the middle of the rug. Then we were able to answer some questions about him. Here are some of those questions:

What are your favorite things? cherries, raspberries and soda pop

What is your favorite animal? sharks, snakes and bugs

What are you best at? Math!

What makes Hayden special? he is always so happy to play with friends and loves to play with his little sister.

To top it all off Hayden was Student of the Day! This means he is the line leader and gets to help the teachers with any special assignments. (He loves being Student of the Day.) I am so glad we put him in this school he loves to get there early so he has more time to play before the school hours start. He even wants to stay for craft every day and craft is done after 4:30 pm everday! He loves to be at school and for that it makes me feel like I am "Mother of the Day"!


Amanda the Couch said...

ahhhhhhh more like student of the decade! that little boy is A-MAZ-ING i love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thompson Family said...

That is so much fun! Miles is the star of the week this week! Don't they just love the attention? That is awesome that he likes school so much.