Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a pretty good week......

it has been so great to have tate home all week! he has taken on his daddy role and just let me take a break. i honestly can't remember the last time he has been home for an entire week. he travels so much when he comes home he really tries to help out. i haven't had to take the kids to school and daycare or even make hayden's lunch. i just wake up and only have to worry about myself. it has been nice, but really weird at the same time. i almost feel like i'm forgetting something everyday i leave the house. on top of it all tate has put in a new microwave, kitchen light and built a wall in the basement for a guestroom and he was on snow blow duty for the big storm we just had!
this past weekend we took my sister emily and her husband miles to the utah vs. byu game and watched the utes loose! then we went and saw "i am legend" with will smith. it is scary but good. (take someone you can hold to.) then we topped off the night with some good eats at the porcupine. yummy ,yummy. miles used to work there so we had the royal treatment.


  • going to bed with someone

  • waking up with someone

  • lunch dates

  • having tate home to see the cute little things tatum will do

  • dancing in the kitchen

  • watching movies

  • hayden's bball game

  • relaxing at home


Rogers Family Blog said...

So glad you had your hubby home and a little time to relax. i take it for granted having mine home more often. sounds like you are having fun. xoxo

Nat & Matt Robinson said...

Matt and I just love Tate! Wish he could spend more time at home, and more time with all the friends. Dark and handsome Husbands are the best aren't they?

celester said...

yay! so glad tate has been home so much, i hope the trend continues! sounds like a great way to kickoff january. and you have a seriously looooooooooong driveway, so you need a someone for snow blow duty!