Sunday, September 9, 2007

Seven Years Ago Today

Seven years ago Tate and I took the plunge and married one another. Tate was 27 and I was only 23! We dated for two years and then started the next chapter of our lives as a married couple.

Here is a recap on each year we've been married.....

One: colorado, first pregnancy, new friends

Two: new baby, wyoming and then back to colorado

Three: new parents, new jobs and learning to get through hard stuff

Four: back to utah, back to work, and back to my parents house

Five: work, hard work, and more work

Six: new house, new baby, and new goals

Seven: already looks good

Reasons why I will always love Tate:

  • he's my rock, my confidant and best friend

  • he's so manly, hot, know beautiful

  • he is the best daddy...our kids just love him

  • he always makes me feel pretty

  • he will work out of town for us

  • the fact that he wants more kids

  • he cooks for me

  • he can fix anything

  • he will dance with me

  • we seem to grow even closer year after year

Happy Anniversary Tate!


Anonymous said...

April, this is such a sweet blog! Congrats to the two of you. Seven years and it sounds like you're still madly in love with him =)


Em said...

oh man. How dang cute!

Bonny said...

Thats great Ape...congrats! We're coming up on one year soon. I love the things you said about him...I think I'll try to do that for brooks next month :)

WIKKY said...

Congrats... your kids are darling and is sounds like your hubby is close to perfect!!! I love your blog. The picture of the cute hand with the sand. That really is priceless. It was good to see you last night. Enjoy your week!
Whitney Hall

Melissa and Nate said...

Congratulations on seven years! You always have such thoughtful posts!

RobO said...

Congrats!!! Doesn't the internet make the world such a small place? It sounds like life is good for you and your family, your kids are way cute...I love the "getting dirty" picture of them.

It's good to hear from you.

Take care, Rob Adams

liz said...

sweet...reading your blog reminds me of watching you sing that trisha yearwood song "she's in love with the boy" in your bedroom. back in my pre-teen years. i always thought you were so cool. still do!

celeste said...

april you and tate are too cute. i love your blog posts! and even more i love that you're my neighbor.

Ali Flegal said...

Being able to fix things is huge and something I am also grateful for! Great post.

Ali Flegal said...

Being able to fix things is huge and something I am also grateful for! Great post.