Sunday, July 29, 2007

things we do when tate is home

hang out at home

market street grill

porcupine grill

watch videos

the original pancake house

shopping, sears, gap ,zumiez,pacsun, bc surf & sport

holiday oil

watch movies again

drive to riverton/harriman to help his bro

smiths marketplace

big apple pizza

sunday breakfast at home (monsters!)

sunday dinner at mom and dads

ice cream cake-for tate's bday


visit my cute friend shana

costco pizza, polish dog, and a churro

costa vida

ok so we eat out when tate is here. i'm not much of a cook. if i stayed home all day i'm sure i would come up with all kinds of good stuff to make for my hard working husband. he dose most of he cooking at our house.

we miss you tate

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