Saturday, July 7, 2007


  • June 30

    Tatum turned one last Saturday. I am so glad we have her in our life. She brings us so much joy. When people ask how my baby is doing I get this smile on my face and think of how sweet she is. Last week she started to use her hands to tell me she wants something. If she wants someone to pick her up she will reach her arms out and wave her fingers to motion you over. It is so cute. she loves her brother and always wants to be where he is. She also loves to swim. You can see a picture of her swimming on her birthday Here. My favorite things about Tatum:

1-Kicks her legs with joy when I pick her up

2-Love pats when she gives me a hug

3-Her cute teeth when she smiles

4-Bops to any music she hears

5-Always happy to see me

6-Loves her brother

7-Loves her Daddy

8-Likes to swim

9-Takes wonderful naps, and still goes to bed early

10-She is a girl and I never thought I would enjoy having a girl so much!

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