Friday, August 3, 2007


tate has been working back east so when he flies home to visit he will leave his vehicle back there. we have a little spare car we drive around that hayden likes to call the subaruge. we use it when tate comes in town but it has one air conditioning! with the 95+ degree weather we've been having the car heats up pretty quick. so this week while tate has been home i have been driving the subaruge. he will take the kids so i don'thave to worry about dropping them off at the babysitters so i let him take my car that is fully equipped with a/c. my ride to work is not to bad but the ride home is when i swelter! while driving in the heat i am reminded of how lucky i am to have a car with a/c. i appreciate my car so much more!

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Brooks & Bonny said...

No A/C ! ahhh!

My next door neighbors don't have AC in their old civic and I always avoid going places with her in their car. It's way too hot for no AC...especially if there are kids involved.