Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tatum and new panites

I bought Tatum some big girl panties today when I was at Target. She was so excited about them she put all six pairs on. Yes one over the other....she is prancing around the house with six pairs of new undies....she cracks me up.


Natalie Bernhisel-Robinson said...

It was so fun seeing the two of you for lunch yesterday!! We need to do that more often. I often wear multiple pairs of panties too.

kahluakitty said...

Dang, I thought Tatum was still a newborn. ;) She's growing up so fast! And you're still going to Brandy? How is she? And how are you? I got your invite to the YL event coming up...if I would be in town, I'd totally be there! :)

Rogers Family Blog said...

Love it. i am in the same boat. I just need to get my daughter to undestand you cannot go to the bathroom in your panties. Are we getting the "girls" together maybe this summer (from your note on FB?) HOpe you are doing well.