Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Mine

I decided that I am going to send my lover conversation heart sayings by text all day today.

  • Be Mine

  • Hugs and Kisses

  • Love You

  • Kiss Me

  • Cutie Pie

  • Sweet Talk

  • I Hope

  • Love Me

  • All Mine

  • Love Her

  • Lets Kiss

  • Angel

  • My Baby

  • My Way

  • Love

  • How Nice

  • Lover Boy

  • #1 Fan

  • All Star

  • Awe Some

  • Fax Me

  • It's Love

  • Melt My Heart

  • In a Fog

  • Chill Out

  • Cloud Nine

  • Heat Wave

  • Sunshine

  • Get my Drift

  • Wild Life

  • Nature Lover

  • Do Good

  • EZ 2 Love

  • Cool Cat

  • Top Dog

  • Go Fish

  • I L U

  • Magic

As I looked up some of these sayings I found that some are considered outdated by NECCO the candy company who has been making these fabulous hearts since 1902.

  • Dig Me

  • You are Gay


celester said...

love that idea! you are just the cutest most clever gal, this is a fun list. but "in a fog"? seriously? "fax me?" necco might want to re-consider retiring a few more of those!

WIKKY said...

what a cute idea, i hope that he loved it!!!
hope you had a great valentine's day. enjoy the rest of february!!!!

Good & Crazy said...

Hey this is a funny one!

I'm sending Boyd the Gay one next year.