Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day

Ten reasons why my kids love their Dad:

1- always willing to tote us around wherever mom and dad go
2- loves to cuddle, tickle, and wrestle with us
3- will always let us help fix stuff with him
4- he works so hard for us so we can live in our nice house
5- will make us really nice meals, no McDonald's with him
6- cleans toilets, wipes noses, and changes diapers :)
7- drops us off at school and daycare and picks us up
8- he is good to mommy :)
9- takes us fishing with grandpa
10- he makes life so much more fun......we miss you daddy
Happy Father's Day Tate


Em said...

One of the best dads around!

Amanda the Couch said...

oh man i am so pregnant today. totally started crying whilst reading this!